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Ruz Business Consulting
Looking For New Business

We are the commercial engine that your company needs
to position their products in the international market.

Ruz Business Consulting


Company created in the state of Florida, United States; with the purpose of supporting companies to position their products and services in new markets. The main shareholder is Irefca, C.A domiciled in Caracas, Venezuela; registered in 2004 and its main object is "Commercial Information Services".
Correspondent for: Cial Dun & Bradstreet in Venezuela.

We are the commercial engine that your company needs to position their products in the international market. through our services, it is very important to know who to do business with.
They will also be able to know which companies, customers or suppliers qualify to make a safe business, and thus minimize risks or losses. We have the alliance of Irefca, C.A., to obtain the necessary information and the search for new contacts around of the world, who are interested in representing, distributing or market your products through our services:
"Looking For New Business".

Ruz Business Consulting
Ruz Business Consulting
Ruz Business Consulting


Looking For New Business

One of our main products “Looking For New Business” is to capture new markets to companies that have an interest in develop new projects, export their products and/or services or the search for new products through our database data, which contains information from suppliers, distributors and local and international marketers.

DUNS Number

The client receives Commercial Information from companies that are considered suitable for such purpose; company data, company data contact person and a brief review of the conditions of the investigated company, as well as the interest that may exist in the negotiation.

Country Riskline Report

Report that provides comparative data to be aware of the situation economic, political and commercial of a country and thus avoiding risks or economic losses.

The report includes all the information of the country risk categories:
  • Political Risk: internal and external security situation, political competition and coherence, and other factors that determine whether a country fosters a favorable business environment.
  • Commercial Risk: contract, jurisdiction, regulatory transparency, degree of corruption, and other factors that determine whether the business environment facilitates the conduct of commercial operations .
  • Macroeconomic Risk: inflation rate, fiscal deficit, money supply growth and the macroeconomic factors that determine whether a country is capable of generating growth sustainable economy and a commensurate expansion in business opportunities .
  • External Risk: the current account balance, capital flows, foreign exchange reserves, the size of external debt and all the factors that determine whether a country can generate enough currencies to meet their trade and foreign investment obligations.

D-U-N-S® Number

Your identification number for
the business world.

It is a nine-digit unique identifier for companies. Lenders and potential business partners often refer to DUNS to help predict the reliability and financial stability of the business in question.
DUNS, which stands for Data Universal Numbering System, is used to maintain up-to-date and timely information on more than hundreds of millions of global businesses. The DUNS number also makes it possible to identify relationships between corporate entities (hierarchies and links), another key element of Live Business Identity and business risk assessment practices.




Global and Ruz Business Consulting, work together as consultants, business developers, start-ups, support to the internationalization of companies and support as well as owners of management teams. Consulting Specialist, Finance corporate and corporate services.



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