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Welcome to Informes Ruz, Escalona, Freytes REFCA, we are experts on Commercial Information Services of businesses, organizations, clients, suppliers, distributors, natural person, etc. Our headquarted is located in Caracas, Venezuela and offices in Orlando, Florida USA.

We belong to the partners network of Dun & Bradstreet global business information suppliers offering a variety of high quality services under a professional efficiency based on a long-time expertise and technological innovation implemented in our information systems.

At REFCA, we take security seriously. Data privacy ir our priority

As Business Information Suppliers, we count on an huge enterprises-network related to the international market in countries, such as Germany Brazil Ecuador Honduras Panama Argentina Canada El Salvador India Paraguay Australia Chile Spain Italy Peru Belgium China United States of America Japan Portugal Belarus Colombia France Mexico United Kingdom Bolivia Costa Rica Guatemala Nicaragua Russia Sweden and Uruguay.

Our impeccable trajectory allowed us to suit the change demands as a globalization result on the international market. In turn, we have upgraded and improved our research schemes, and databases in order to offer our clients the best perspective on their business projects. All this, place us as one of the main Business Information Services companies in Venezuela and USA.


How do we support our clients to face challenges when it comes to business?

Commercial Information Services is the right choice for your customers, suppliers or distributors in the local or international market. REFCA

Request information before negotiating

Choosing your clients, suppliers or distributors properly, in the local or international market, is a basic element of the right strategy to success on your business.
Preventing a possible bereavement, and future inconvenient is vital. It is not always easy to know what to choose the right company to develop commercial relations, and make a deal with.
Business Information Services of clients, suppliers or distributors is part of the Business Intelligence REFCA

Commercial Information

Strategic and financial information of clients, suppliers or distributors, is part of our Business Intelligence service. You may receive detailed information of those companies, societies, business, firms, or industries, you need to build a commercial relation, within local and international markets.
Commercial Information Services offers the security of knowing with whom you can relate commercially REFCA

Operation Reliability

Grow confident in your business previously knowing who may become your best commercial partner. Remember the importance of being fully aware of the market before negotiating with other.
Commercial Information Services applies all the knowledge and control over your customers, eliminate the uncertainty of working with companies with dubious performance REFCA

Control your operation

Get ready to apply all your knowledge controlling your clients, dissipate uncertainty of making business with suspect enterprises. Avoid selling without a guarantee of being able to collect.

Contact us! Our commitment is to focus on providing the best service, treat and solutions.

For further information, please fill out a Contact request or send us an E-mail. We will reply as soon as possible. You may also call us to our main office in Caracas, Venezuela: +58 212-7626082 / 212-7622584 / 414-3119991, or to our office in United States: +1 786-4276815.